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Golden tone and grain.

Thank you for taking me this high pa, there’s a lot of lessons I learned about “family” for past few days.

Our imperfection is a thing to look at, to reflect our core values and not others to judge.
I feel very save when you’re around me.

Be the youngest member pretty much takes a toll on me. I will share my story to you soon.
After I prove my points and after I create something memorable for you.

Btw, I do realize that one of the cabin crew looks like Ayu Ting-Ting, next time don’t say it out loud, she was blushing like hell when you said it.


-your son.


latest pict from “I am a fan” project folder.

now, i can rest in peace.

When my absence doesn’t alter your life, then my presence has no meaning in it.

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inside of us.


gain, what is wrong with you? irreversible was great, but now you rip off blurred lines? whyyyy???

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