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Inside the Secret Sketchbooks of @graemebase

For more from Graeme’s previously-unseen library of sketches, follow @graemebase on Instagram.

If these images of mechanical, organic and otherwordly creatures feel familiar, it could be because they come from the imagination of beloved children’s book illustrator Graeme Base (@graemebase).

"I’ve been writing and illustrating picture books for something like 30 years, but for every finished piece there are dozens of sketches that have never seen the light of day," he explains. The Australian artist—perhaps best known for the 1986 alphabet book Animalia (1986)—uses his Instagram account to share this trove of beautiful, unpublished pieces.

"The recurring themes in my art are nature and fantasy with whimsical overtones," he says. "I’m slightly shocked to find myself well into my fifties now, but inside the 11-year-old schoolboy is alive and kicking."

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I passed testimony just so the world can see
My battle wounds on me, you watching me lick ‘em clean
I know, I know, my pride, my goals, my highs, my lows
I know, I know, it’s mind control
I know I could prosper, no impostor, prosecute my posture
I stand up and I stand by her, what?

– Kendrick Lamar’s verse - It’s on Again.

I am rooting for you in this.

Instrument from Leessang - The Pursuit Of Happiness re-composed by FreeWindCastle
Lyrics by Oka Antara - You Make Me Cry.

Golden tone and grain.

Thank you for taking me this high pa, there’s a lot of lessons I learned about “family” for past few days.

Our imperfection is a thing to look at, to reflect our core values and not others to judge.
I feel very save when you’re around me.

Be the youngest member pretty much takes a toll on me. I will share my story to you soon.
After I prove my points and after I create something memorable for you.

Btw, I do realize that one of the cabin crew looks like Ayu Ting-Ting, next time don’t say it out loud, she was blushing like hell when you said it.


-your son.


latest pict from “I am a fan” project folder.

now, i can rest in peace.

When my absence doesn’t alter your life, then my presence has no meaning in it.

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